Our training programs are a balance of formal classroom instruction combined with practical application. In the classroom, skills are taught and discussed through lecture, demonstration and various audio-visual media. Skills are further developed through practical application in the training environment. Training programs can be structured and tailored to meet the time, budget, and training requirements of the host organization.

Due to the sensitive nature of the individuals job description ASP has chosen to not list the types of training we are currently instructing Law Enforcement personnel. Officer safety is our number one priority as such we will not be posting a course calendar anywhere but secured venues.

For more information training coordinators can contact us directly at please include your dept, position and appropriate credentials.

Knowing the use-of-force issues facing law enforcement, the ASP Training Division gathered top authorities in the use-of-force field, including deputy district attorneys, police liability defense lawyers, police administrators, as well as top defensive tactics instructors to create and effective system for the street that is based upon sound legal principles.

ASP's Survival Skills Division is dedicated to teaching defensive tactics to local, state and federal law enforcement. We also provide training to private security and campus safety officers.